Jan 1, 2011

Matkalla Pohjoisessa

-29 astetta...hrrrr!

Junasta napattu:


  1. -29°C??? Very very very cold! :) Here the lowest temperature is something like -15°C!
    The first shot is very nice, very interesting the kid in red!
    The last one photo is really beautiful! How did you get it?

  2. The first one was so unsharp, that I had to do something "radical" to it. ;D

    The last one was taken from the moving train. It was quite dark already and sun was just going down...and the window was very,very dirty! That`s the secret of this photo. ;)

  3. Tämä on hieno ...liikettä ja niin rauhallinen kumminkin. Taidokas kuva! sanoisin!